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Inside Muhammad Alwi's Camera Bag

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Inside Muhammad Alwi’s Camera bag! (Bag No99)

Hi Streethunters,

My name is Muhammad Alwi, 63 years old from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Since 2013 I try to develop my skill in Street Photography. I was using mainly Lumix LX7 but it went kaput in May 2015 during a photo safari in Morocco. I replaced it with Lumix GM5. Although with a bigger sensor, the GM5 body is smaller and lighter than LX7. Like the LX7 I carry the GM5 almost every day. Unlike the LX7, GM5 has no special case and I decided to make one by buying a piece of leather and cut it using a template which I designed using a cardboard. Then I got the cobbler to stich it manually. I don’t carry the flash so the batteries and the SD card I place them in the flash pouch and place it below the lens. I enjoy taking street portraits both candid and posed.

Contents of larger bag: