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Months of Photography Paphos Public Art 2017

The Cyprus Photographic Society- Paphos Branch is bringing back their successful PUBLIC ART exhibition for 2017!

PUBLIC ART is a challenging invitation for photographers in and outside Cyprus. The aim of this project is to take photographic art close to the public without exhibiting in conventional rooms (read galleries). The 12 winners of this competition will have the opportunity to have solo exhibitions at 12 different cafes, bars and other places in Paphos for 28 days and for only 20 Euros! It’s a truly great opportunity for photographers to have their work seen in comfortable social areas and retail establishments, providing exposure to members of the public who may not get out to the galleries!

Public Art in Pafos, Cyprus

The Cyprus Photographic Society- Paphos Branch is going all-out with their Months of Photography program! Along with the previously announced workshop with Jason Eskenazi, The Road Not Taken, the CPS-Paphos is unleashing a series of events over the months of March, April and May that will appeal to the street hunter. These events include PUBLIC ART, a competition which will result in a series of nine parallel exhibitions throughout the coastal city of Paphos.