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Inside Michael Duke's Camera Bag

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Inside Michael Duke’s Camera bag! (Bag No106)

Hi Streethunters!

My name is Michael Duke and I pursue street photography in my hometown of Houston, Texas. The city’s habit of tearing down anything old and building anew, coupled with the fact that most Houstonians prefer to drive everywhere they go, can make street photography, here, a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, people are what make Houston special, so I focus my work on them. The intent is to create empathy. My goal is to tell personal stories and explore the relationships people have with the place. I became serious about photography about two years ago and see my street work as a natural extension of my vocation as a journalist and teacher. Working in both digital and 35mm film formats, I maintain a daily photoblog at tumblr.com/blog/fujifojo.

In my bag: