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Inside Matthew Martin's Camera Bag

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Inside Matthew Martin’s Camera bag! (Bag No88)

Hello Street Hunters,

I’m Matthew Martin, I’m a documentary and street photographer from the UK. I’m currently working on a personal documentary project called Endless Proof. The aim of the project is to simply document my life, the places I go and the people I see. I have a terrible memory, so taking photos is a workaround for that. I think that’s why my photos have a simple snapshot aesthetic. I make photo books that serve as a sort of diary and I share photos online and with friends. I also blog about my personal experience of photography.  I don’t have a camera bag. I just stick the GR in my pocket with an extra battery. I’ll take the charger if I’m on a long trip. Unfortunately, the camera constantly gets dust on the sensor. I am now an expert in disassembling the camera to clean it, hence the tweezers, screwdriver and wipes.

Inside my camera bag: