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Street Photo of the week by Mark Powell

Mark Powell is an American Street Photographer from Detroit. At the moment of this writing he lives and works in Mexico city!

Powell is a published photographer and widely recognised for his work. He has published 2 books! “Very Important Person” in 2006 and the other one is freshly released and is called “Open at Noon”. His work has also been included in the must have “Street Photography Now” book by Thames and Hudson that was published in 2010. His photography has been exhibited in many countries, including England, Japan, Holland, Spain, Mexico and the USA, in galleries and prestigious museums.

In my opinion, Mark’s work is fascinating! Each one of his photos has a story to tell. Every single picture can be interpreted in many ways. All of them are smart and witty, just great to look at! He loves colours and from what I notice they play an important role in his compositions. He has a great understanding of light and composition that is apparent at first glance.