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Camera bag of Marius Vieth

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Inside Marius Vieth’s Camera bag! (Bag No41)

Hi Street Hunters!

When it comes to gear, I may have developed a strange philosophy. Yes, what you see is all the gear I own. A used Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 24mm f/1.4. That’s it. Although this minimalist approach may not apply to all fields of photography, it has helped me a lot in street photography. In order to truly focus on everyday beauty, I want to think as little as possible in terms of gear and as much as possible about composition, colors, lines, natural contrasts and exciting moments. The more gear I own, the more I’m trapped in gear thoughts. Psychologists would call this “Paralysis By Analysis”, I just call it “Gear Avoidance Syndrome”. As long as I’m living for photography I will always be convinced that the most important gear you have will always be your heart, eye and soul!

My “camera bag” contains:

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The 20 Influential Street Photographers 2015

The first crowdsourced list of Street Photographers ever made

Two weeks ago we asked for your help to find the 20 most influential contemporary Street Photographers and the feedback we received was amazing. The comments just kept flying in and we are so grateful for that overwhelming participation. You recommended many Street Photographers out of which a list of 75 names was finally made. We think that this has been the first crowdsourced list of Street Photographers ever made and you all made it! Thank you!

You recommended and you voted

A week ago, we asked you dear Readers to do one more thing for us and that was to vote for your most influential Street Shooter out of the list of 75. You voted 21,137 times!

Thank you!

It is understandable that each one of you is influenced by different Street Photographers for different reasons and that is what makes this vote even more interesting. Influences play an important role in the way an artist perceives the world and his/her art, so it is only logical that each one of us has different sources of inspiration, making our perception of what we consider “an influence” unique. What is important is that you all helped us with your vote to find who are the 20 most influential Street Photographers at this time according to you. So here they are: