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Lorenzo G. Muci

Inside Lorenzo G. Muci's Camera Bag

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Inside Lorenzo G. Muci’s Camera bag! (Bag No137)

Hello everyone,
Here’s Lorenzo G. Muci (the G stands for Giuseppe, which actually is my first name). I’m an archaeologist, former post-punk guitarist and non-pro photographer, based in Lecce, in the very heel of Italy. I like wandering around the streets with my camera in hand, getting lost in the alleys of the many villages scattered all over south-eastern Italy. I like documenting life and places, disappearing habits in their context, yet I really enjoy the rush of adrenaline that you feel when you spot something happening in front of your eyes. My shots are mainly in colors and mostly taken with a wide angle lens (at the moment the stock 28mm equivalent on my Sony camera), as my aim is to capture moments while they materialize in their environment.
Here’s my bag and its contents: