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Khalik Allah Souls Against Concrete Review Cover

If you have followed Street Hunters for the past few years, you know that we are serious admirers of Khalik Allah’s work. Spyros first shared his work in one of our Street Photos Of The Week back in March of 2014. In July of that year we were fortunate enough to have Khalik participate in one of our Hangouts, which was undoubtedly our most powerful episode in the series. That August I wrote a piece on his personal impact in The Under the Influence Series, and that September we shared the announcement of his incredibly moving film, Field Niggas. There’s a reason Khalik has made numerous appearances on Street Hunters, and that’s because his work is some of the most riveting we’ve seen. However, we’ve only seen his work on the internet, not in the physical form of a book or zine. Selfishly, I yearned for just that. If anyone’s body of photographs begged for a printed collection, Allah’s was it. In fact, Khalik Allah’s style and strength as a photographer demanded it.

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This Week Streethunters.net 6/11/17 to 12/11/17


Another week has ended, which means it’s just the time for us to put together a short debrief of just what’s been going on with us Street Hunters, with ‘This Week on Streethunters.net’! We’ve got a couple of month’s worth of weekly summaries now archived over on the ‘‘This Week’ page of the website, so make sure you head on over if you’ve been out of the loop for a while and have some catching up to do. But for now, let’s crack on with everything that’s been happening this week!

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    In search for the 20 most influential Street Photographers


    Exactly one year ago we wrote a post that went viral at the time. Since then it has been viewed more than 75000 times and commented on more than 50 times. This post is called “The 10 most Influential Active Street Photographers“. If you haven’t read it, we recommend you check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. In this post, we presented Street Photographers that we think are worth mentioning for 2 specific reasons. How influential they are and how active.

    Influential: “having great influence on someone or something.”
    Active: “engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.”

    Dear Readers,

    The first time we shared Khalik Allah’s work with you was back in March 2014 when we featured one of his awesome photos. If you missed that feature back then, we recommend you check it out. It is well worth the read.

    Then, in July 2014 we were very lucky to get a chance to interview Khalik Live from his studio in NY / USA. Khalik is an amazing person, highly empathic, really aware of his surroundings and with strong beliefs about what he does and where he stands. He is a solid Photographer and also Filmographer that loves using film for his projects. Khalik’s interview was one of our best and we highly recommend you take the time to watch through all of it so you can get to know more about him and his unique work. Khalik is a respectable and talented individual and I consider myself gifted to have met him, even if it was online.

    In August 2014 Andrew wrote a wonderful piece on Khalik Allah, in the “Under the influence” weekly series of posts and explained in his own words how Khalik’s need to express, to create, to convey his message have influenced him in his Street Photography. An inspirational read from a great writer about an amazing artist.

    Under the Influence of Khalik Allah


    In doing this series of Under The Influence, I’ve been simply amazed by the works of the “masters”. And by “masters” I refer to hallowed names in photography, particularly street photography. Some living, most passed on. While busy poring over these greats and their works, it easy to lose sight of this: there’s masters working right now. Young, vibrant, and destined to be legends as well. Out there, now, on the streets and breaking rules. Blazing a new path. Shaking things up. And these men and women are doing work that simply should not be ignored. One such photographer is Khalik Allah.

    We here at StreetHunters are passionate admirers of Allah’s work. His work has been featured as one of our photos of the week and, most recently, Khalik participated in one of our Hangouts. For me, his work is beautiful, powerful and, at times, poignant. But that really is an understatement.

    Khalik Allah’s work, for a brief period, made me want to give up photography. Honestly. It’s *that* good. It’s *that* powerful.

    Now you may think that’s absurd. A naive thought from someone who has no confidence in their ability. To a degree, it is. But there’s something to be taken from such an absurd notion. Something quite valuable.

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    YouTube Interview Khalik Allah

    Khalik Allah inteview

    In the hangout last night a couple of technical glitches. So with that in mind I would like to apologise to our American cousins whom may have thought the Hangout started an hour later than it did in reality. The cause : British Summer Time which adds an hour and it appears this doesn’t get factored in when Google publishes the event time.

    And as you will find at the end of the interview Khalik is cut off mid flow. The cause : My personal internet connection. As host all the bells and whistles emanated from my computer and as the World Cup final came to a close , either peeps turned on or off their computers and my internet dropped out closing the chat abruptly.

    But I insist you watch on the YouTube channel
    because I for one have never been so inspired to put down my camera and leave it to the people with passion, insight, and dedication as Khalik Allah. Enjoy.

    Featured photo

    Street Photo of the week by Khalik Allah

    Khalik Allah is a Street Photographer from New York, USA that works in Harlem. He shoots in the streets day and night using a Nikon F2 film camera with a Nikkor 55mm 1.2 Lens and Kodak Porta film. As he himself says, he became a photographer the minute he started using a fully manual camera. In his words, he likes a camera that he can dictate, a camera that he can tell it what to do. According to Khalik knowledge increases when you walk the streets holding a camera in hand, documenting the moments that present themselves to you. So doing Street Photography increases his knowledge and through that he better understands himself. It is a process of learning and evolving. Khalik Allah is a Street Photographer that has been inspired by life surrounding him but also and most importantly by his father, who used to take him out when he was young and photograph him. When he got older he asked his father for that camera. The minute he got his father’s camera, his first manual camera, a whole new world opened up in front of him.