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Send in more camera bags to streethunters.net


Dear Streethunters.net Readers, for more than 4 years, we have been sharing with you the contents of your camera bags. Just so you know, we take great pride in showing off your camera bags dear Readers! At this point in time we have published 158 street photography Camera Bags already but lately things have slowed down. 

Why the camera bags have stopped

Since we published camera bag 158 on July 16th there have been no new submissions and as such the “What’s in your Camera Bag?” weekly posts have stopped being published. Unlike our other posts, the “What’s in your Camera Bag” posts depend 100% on you and your level of participation.

Inside John Hughes' camera bag

ATTENTION – Send us your camera bags!

If you want to participate, please read the rules of participation at the end of the post.
Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Inside John Hughes’ Camera bag! (Bag No153)

I’m John Hughes a street photographer based in the UK, I spend most of my time shooting in Cambridge and London. I can’t believe I’ve never sent my whats in my bag to Streethunters.net,
First, we’ll start with my camera bag this had to be lightweight and small, yet still big enough to carry what I needed. I decided on the Billingham Hadley Small (Khaki / Tan). I love this bag it’s lightweight, waterproof and it doesn’t look like a camera bag, perfect for the streets of London, it never gets noticed. The bonus for me is that it never gets in the way and most of the time I forget I’m carrying it. I carry my:

Dear StreetHunters.net Readers,

May 2015 has ended and so has the latest Monthly Theme Contest!

So it is time to announce the winner of the “Motion Blur Crowds” Theme Contest! The photo of the winner will be featured in our 2016 StreetHunters.net Calendar and will also be used as the Street Hunters Cover photo in all our Social Media channels during June. 

The image will be replacing the current one within minutes of this posting, so check out our FacebookGooglePlus and Twitter soon to see the winning photo there as well! Thank you all for submitting your lovely work! The photos this time round received a total of 78 votes. Participation wasn’t all that much this month and it makes me wonder what the results would have been if more people had voted.

So, the time has come to please enjoy the photo of the Winner of the Monthly Theme Contest for May 2015!