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Inside James Lunt's camera bag

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Inside James Lunt’s Camera bag! (Bag No112)


I’m James, from Manchester, England. My day job is website usability, but outside of that I love to travel and photograph. After years of making pictures which anyone could’ve taken – of tourist sights etc – I discovered street photography and was instantly hooked. Every picture evokes a memory of where I was and what was happening – which makes trips more memorable as well as coming home with more interesting pictures. I try to get to a European city for a break every few months to head out on the streets, which is a great way to explore.  I carry my ONA Bowery with my Fujifilm X-T1 and the 27mm pancake (for stealthiness) or 35mm (for weather resistance). 40-50mm equivalent is the sweet spot for me. Also my phone, a few batteries and cables and that’s it. When travelling I prefer to find refreshments from bars along the way!

Contents of bag: