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International Street Photography Festival

MSPF - Miami Street Photography Festival 2019


Dear Readers,

The Miami Street Photography Festival or MSPF as most of us call it, is one of street photography’s most prestigious international events that has been going on strong since 2012! Besides featuring top class speakers, engaging workshops and beautiful exhibitions, it also offers a chance for new street photographers to get recognised through street photography contests.

MSPF 2019 Contests

There are 3 different Street Photography Contests you can participate in. The Singles Contest, the Series Contest and the Miami Photo Series. The Singles Contest and the Series Contest are open to everyone. The Miami Photo Series is only open to participants submitting work shot in the city of Miami. But for more details about each contest such as the rules or participation, the prizes and the judges, you can visit the respective contest pages on the official Miami Street Photography Festival website at https://www.miamistreetphotographyfestival.org.

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Streetfoto San Francisco 2017 Cover

StreetFoto San Francisco has returned for its second annual festival, and 2017’s installment is shaping up to be even more impressive than the inaugural event! Late spring is going to get hot in the Bay Area!

Billed as an international event dedicated entirely to the art of street photography, StreetFoto San Francisco will surely deliver on that promise with contests, portfolio reviews, workshops, lectures, photowalks and exhibitions. Better yet is the list of great street photographers hosting some of the events: Bruce Gilden, Jesse Marlow, Aaron Berger, Jack Simon, and Vineet Vohra. And, some of these greats will be judging the contests along with David Gibson, Maciej Dakowicz, Graciela Magnoni, Nick Turpin, Siri Thompson, Alexander Petrosyan, Judy Walgren, Joe Aguirre and more to be announced!

StreetFoto International Street Photography Festival

StreetFoto San Francisco 2016

Dear Streethunters.net Readers, a few weeks back we featured a photograph by San Francisco based Street Photographer Ken Walton. It was a lovely surreal image of a man using a vacuum cleaner in a Savannah wearing a surgical mask and shorts while surrounded by female antelopes. A great shot!

Anyway, as we mentioned in that post, Ken is the founder of the StreetFoto San Francisco 2016 which is an International Street Photography Festival that will take place this June 8-12 in San Francisco. According to the website of StreetFoto it will be the world’s largest event dedicated entirely to the art of street photography. Naturally we thought that you would be interested in knowing about this event and so we decided to write a little bit about it to grab your attention and point you into the right direction if you find it interesting.