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Inside Iceman Baldy's Camera Bag

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Inside Iceman Baldy’s Camera bag! (Bag No68)

Fellow Photogs,

I’m Iceman Baldy, a documentary, street and still life photographer.  Photography allows me to enjoy my love of tech while creatively capturing the looks of life from the perspective of a geek with swag. I prefer Olympus, Fuji and Ricoh as my tools of choice. The bag in this photo is one of the travel kits that I use for documentary and event shooting.

I’ve been on the web since 2002 with a weblog at icemanbaldy.com. Lately, I’ve been more active with my Instagram page where I post photos of my gear along with people and things that catch my fancy. I’m hoping to publish a photo book focused on fraternity life in historically Black Greek lettered fraternities and sororities.