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Dear StreetHunters.net Readers,

April 2014 has come to an end and so has the Monthly Theme Contest! So it is time to announce the winner of the “Silhouettes” Theme Contest!

The winner will be featured in our 2015 StreetHunters.net Calendar and will also be used as the Street Hunters Cover photo in all our Social Media channels! The image will be replacing the current one within minutes of this posting, so check out our Facebook, GooglePlus and Twitter soon to see the winning photo there as well!

We got some fantastic entries from you all and the level of interaction in the polls was great! Your photos received a total of 60 votes! Thank you very much for your participation, it is highly appreciated!

So, the time has come to please enjoy the photo of our winner!

Congratulations Henning Pettersen!!!

Link: www.henningspettersen.com