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Gordon Lewis - Street Photography

“We should all acknowledge that it’s one thing to recognize the qualities of a great photograph when you have one in front of you; it’s something else entirely to produce one yourself.”

Gordon Lewis writes this at the beginning of the sixth and final chapter, “What Makes a Great  Street Photo?” in his book, “Street Photography: The Art of Capturing the Candid Moment”(Rocky Nook, 2015). As a street photographer, I know this is true. I’ve looked at so many street photographs, and so many great ones, that I used to think going out and taking a great street photograph would be a piece of cake. That somehow I had picked up the skills and eyes of great photographers through some kind of absorption. Just go out and do it. But reality smacks hard. It’s not that easy. And, like Lewis writes in his conclusion, “greatness is the exception, not the norm.”