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Street Photo of the week by Giorgia Ivone

I have known Giorgia Ivone for nearly over a year now. We met on line in the SHRC, the Street Hunters Readers Community on Google Plus. She is a very kind and enthusiastic person and clearly very passionate about Street Photography. She is Italian, currently living in Varese, Italy. She shoots in black and white most of the time and loves to capture the beauty of her country’s streets and share it on the web. During the time I have known Giorgia, her skills have only got better and her passion for the art has only got stronger. Her work has a quality that I admire and I always love to look at her photos in detail. She understands light and shadow and she always finds surprisingly creative ways to compose her photos. This quality is something that other people recognise too because I have noticed that her work gets rightfully shared and published online. I highly recommend you check out her work and connect with her on Social Media. You will not be disappointed.