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Weekly Pic - 'Generations'

Street Hunters has returned from its winter break, and we’re looking forward to a fun year of street photography! For the first Crit My Pic of 2016 I’m going to be looking at a street photo by Gilberto Lacchia titled ‘Generations’. As usual, I’ll analyse Gilberto’s photo based on the criteria of point of view, focal point, composition, exposure, subject matter and mood, and suggest any ways I think it can be improved. If you’d like to have your own photo featured in this segment, please read the submission rules below and send us an email. Without further ado, we’ll crack on with the first Crit My Pic of the new year!

Photo by Gilberto Lacchia


Gilberto Lacchia is a Street Photographer from Italy. He is an open minded, highly intelligent individual who’s open to to trying out new things in photography.

How did I meet Gilberto?

I met Gilberto online when he enlisted for the STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – ONLINE, TAILOR-MADE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP. He had just got out of another Street Photography workshop and he was looking for that extra something that would make him see things a little bit differently. He was looking to change his point of view and his relationship with Street Photography and his subjects. He was interested in learning new things and trying out new approaches to the art such as colour. So, he contacted Street Hunters via the Workshop page and that is how we met.