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Street Photo of the week by Gael Berthon

Street Photo of the week by Gaël Berthon

Gaël Berthon is a street photographer who is originally from Marseille and currently lives in Madrid, Spain. I was going through the Streethunters.net Readers Flickr group when the photo that we are featuring today captured my eye. I loved it and checked the name of the street photographer. I was pleased that I had made another discovery. Each time I find a new street photographer I feel invigorated and excited! It is a lovely feeling.

I didn’t have much info to work on for this piece so I had to do some extra research to find out more about Gaël. What I found out is that Gaël works in Technology and photography is one of his passions along with music. He uses the original Fujifilm X100 with an external flash sometimes. That is all I could really find out, so I think it is best if you check out his work for yourself and let his photos do the talking.