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Friday Street Photographer

Street Photo of the week by Cyrille Druart

Street Photo of the week by Cyrille Druart

Cyrille Druart is a French Street Photographer who was born in Paris and has been shooting in the streets since he was 23 years old. He enjoys traveling and taking photos in large cities, watching people interact with each other and their environment. He likes looking closely at their behaviours. At the same time he is intrigued by isolationism when presented in contrast to urban environments. Cyrille is especially interested in women and fashionable people. He shoots mostly in black & white and has a taste for highly contrasted, dark looking images. Originally a designer, he is creative and observant of elements that help him make interesting compositions.

Giuseppe Milo is an experienced Italian Street Photographer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been studying photography and composition for a long time and has a good knowledge of the art. Even though he loves Street Photography he also enjoys shooting landscapes, architecture and events.

In addition to being a Photographer, Giuseppe is also a Web Designer & Developer and an expert in many fields of the web. Being a creative person has helped him build an intruiging portfolio of street photographs that he shares on line through his Flickr account and his website.