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Street Photo of the week by Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a giant, a legend of contemporary Street Photography. A disruptive force that changed the way many people understood the art. Ever since he first started using colour, he has created ripples in the photographic community. He has been embraced by many and not accepted by many others. At least that is what it used to be for mr. Parr in the early days when he was establishing his style. Now, he is the undisputed magician that can turn anything mundane or kitsch into a beautiful composition, an interesting and memorable photograph. In my opinion he is one of the most influential figures of Street Photography.

Martin Parr loves to take photos of everyday life. Being a resident of England he has dedicated himself to capture the Englishness that surrounds him. But mr. Parr doesn’t confine himself to England and the English only. He is a world travelled photographer with a large collection of photos from countless locations. All of his photos have his unique style that make them so distinguishable.

Mardi Gras New Orleans promo

Street Photo of the week by Chuck Patch

Before I stumbled upon Chuck Patch’s work I hadn’t heard of him. Looking through his flickr photostream I wondered to myself why I don’t know of this guy? His work is great! So I looked further and found myself enjoying the experience. As I scanned through the amazing colour photographs of Chuck Patch I reached a point where I got an odd black and white photo here and there. Upon first glance it didn’t strike me as something I should focus on, but when I looked again I noticed that those black and whites were old. They looked like 1970s old! So that is when I popped over to his Flickr profile page to read a little more about him. It turns out Chuck has been shooting for years and years! He is a very experienced photographer and he has a huge collection of interesting black and whites from the 1970s that he shares on a dedicated tumblr account. Back to his Flickr stream.

Untitled by Fabrice Balossini Promo

Street Photo of the week by Fabrice Balossini

Fabrice Balossini is an artist from Paris, France. He draws, paints, photographs and makes photo montages. During his youth he lived in Rome, Italy and got influenced a lot by great artists he met, such as Fellini Francesco Rosi and writers Alberto Moravia, Italo Calvino and Luigi Malerba. Fabrice studied under huge names of modern art and has since learned many wonderful techniques that he now applies to his paintings and his photography. Since 2006 his characteristic work has been exhibited and discovered by collectors and connoisseurs. From 2007 and onwards, Fabrice has been passionate about Photography and has made some amazing photographs and photo montages that are worth taking a look at.

khakistan by Chris Farling

Street Photo of the week by Chris Farling

Chris Farling is from Chicago and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NYC, USA. He is a charismatic Street Photographer that enjoys observing, discovering and capturing life in the streets. According to Chris, Street Photography is an improvisational art, much like Jazz. That is what makes it different to the other genres of photography. You can’t know what will show up in front of you, you have to learn to anticipate everything and anything. Here at Street Hunters we agree 100% with that point of view. Street Photography is as Chris says in his own words “an honest way of actively living in the world.”

Laundry by Samuel George Wells

Street Photo of the week by Samuel George Wells

Samuel George Wells is a Street Photographer and an active member of our GooglePlus StreetHunters.net Readers Community. He is from the United Kingdom and he works for the Associated Press. According to himself, he is a Hack Photographer and wannabe sauce maker which I personally think is awesome! I am pretty sure that if his sauces are as good as his Street Photography, whoever is lucky enough to try them must really experience a gastronomical sensation! Sam’s work is delicious in other words! He isn’t afraid to shoot in colour or B&W, landscape or portrait, with a flash or without, to do selfies, to experiment in any way he can possibly think of! He is a very talented child of the 60’s blooming as a Photographer now, today! So, check out his work!

Street Photo of the week by Ksenia Tsykunova

Ksenia Tsykunova’s work is amazing! Her images are one of a kind. She is from Moscow and she was born in 1986. She has won 2nd place in the Miami Street Photography festival. That is a big deal if you consider that Bruce Gilden is the judge along with Alex Webb and more amazing legends of Street. Before she got into Street Photography, Ksenia was studying social and economic geography of the USA and also doing some short film directing. Her passion for photography started in 2012 and since then she continues to grow and share with us amazing photography.

Photo of the week by Blake Andrews

Street Photo of the week by Blake Andrews

Blake Andrews is an icon of contemporary Street Photography. He is originally from Berkeley California and now is situated in Eugene, Oregon. He has been shooting since 1993 non stop. His photos are storytelling, unique and have a style that you come to recognize after studying his work for a while. Blake has been interviewed numerous times, has been published in LENSCRATCH and LPV Magazine and is widely recognised in the Street Photography community as one of the leading figures of the art. He is a member of the “in public” collective. Blake Andrews does not only share his amazing photographic work. He also loves writing about his experiences in his blog, he interviews other photographers, analyses ideas he has and offers visitors a rich and enlightening experience through his words. As for his work it is widespread amongst various websites, blogs and tumblrs. We have gathered a few links we would like to share with you below.

Featured Dwarka India 2012 by Maciej Dakowicz

Street Photo of the week by Maciej Dakowicz

This week we are featuring a photograph of a Street Photographer that is truly gifted. If you like Street Photography books and Photography books in general, you might already know of Maciej Dakowicz and his really great book Cardiff After Dark. If you don’t know of Maciej, he is from Poland and he is a creative individual with a background in Computer Science. Currently he is a traveller, a gallerist and most importantly a Photographer. He is a member of collectives In-Public and Up-Posed and also the photography agency The Wideangle. Maciej’s work is well known in the wider Street Photography community and has been exhibited many times all over the world. His work has been published in books, websites and papers and he is recognised as one of the world’s current leading Street Photographers. On a photographic level he is mostly interested in documentary, travel and street photography. If you feel like you would like to learn from Maciej Dakowicz, he also teaches Street Photography workshops.

Photo of the week Mark Cohen

Street Photo of the week by Mark Cohen

American born photographer who characteristically photographs people close-up, using a wide angled lens and a flash, mostly in black and white. Cohen frequently crops heads from the frame, concentrating on small details. His images are uncomfortable, intrusive and raw forcing the audience into an intimacy with the subject well beyond personal space and yet the harsh flash or composition neither warm nor sensual. By pulling on details rather than meandering through well told full image stories , Mark Cohen’s images virtually shout at the viewer ‘LOOK, LOOK AT IT’ whatever that ‘IT’ is, they are unequivocal in their demands.

Featured Escalating Down by Edward Conde

Street Photo of the week by Edward Conde

Edward Conde is a Street Photographer that is based in Los Angeles, California that enjoys capturing life around him and images that interest him. He is a highly active member of our Private StreetHunters.net Readers Community on GooglePlus and a real awesome guy and for that we consider ourselves lucky to interact with him on a daily basis. Besides awesome, he is talented and makes amazing photos when he hits the streets. Edward has something that is unique to his style of work, or at least it is unique for me. He shoots his photos and then edits them completely and only on his iPad. He doesn’t post process his photographs on a PC or Mac, even if he is in the IT Industry. No. His style of processing is all done by touch. Edward is very generous because he shares his techniques about post processing on the iPad with the world on his blog called Digital Chemicals.