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Inside Florian Payrou's Camera Bag

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Inside Florian Payrou’s Camera bag! (Bag No110)

Hello Streethunters!

My name is Florian Payrou, I’m 27 and I live in a relatively annoying small town of France. My friends and I did a lot of experiences when we were younger but none of us got a camera because of that philosophy we got “live the present moment is better than memorize it on a picture”. I got many regrets later and decided to buy my first camera in 2014, a low end DSLR that I brought with me to a 3 months’ Taiwan.
That’s where I realized I was more interested in shooting daily life and people in the streets than monuments or landscapes: I sold everything within less than 1 month and purchased the smaller mirrorless camera I still own and which brings almost entire satisfaction.
I only use prime lenses which I love but find myself swapping them more and more and missing some shots while dirtying them: frustration arise. Thus I’m considering buying a zoom or a second camera (with a silent shutter in addition !!)

Contents of bag: