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Flip Per's Camera Bag

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Inside Flip Per’s Camera bag! (Bag No73)

Hello Street Hunters,

I Started taking pictures in the early 1970’s. My sister had an old Pentax that she never used, so I commandeered it and started to photograph everything. It was not until I saw the work of W. Eugene Smith that it hit me, the so called “bug”.
“A Walk To The Paradise Garden” or the “Pittsburgh Photographs” but especially “A Madwoman in a Haitian Clinic” blew me away. I knew at that point I wanted to take pictures of people and in black & white.
I’ve been taking photographs since 1973 and have, over the past couple of years, been digitizing my work. It has been a life passion that I cannot put away. I photograph where ever I am and whatever I see and this is my slice of life.
I have expanded my passion to include all types of photography  through the years but my heart belongs on the street.

What’s in my pocket: