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Dear Readers,

The first time we shared Khalik Allah’s work with you was back in March 2014 when we featured one of his awesome photos. If you missed that feature back then, we recommend you check it out. It is well worth the read.

Then, in July 2014 we were very lucky to get a chance to interview Khalik Live from his studio in NY / USA. Khalik is an amazing person, highly empathic, really aware of his surroundings and with strong beliefs about what he does and where he stands. He is a solid Photographer and also Filmographer that loves using film for his projects. Khalik’s interview was one of our best and we highly recommend you take the time to watch through all of it so you can get to know more about him and his unique work. Khalik is a respectable and talented individual and I consider myself gifted to have met him, even if it was online.

In August 2014 Andrew wrote a wonderful piece on Khalik Allah, in the “Under the influence” weekly series of posts and explained in his own words how Khalik’s need to express, to create, to convey his message have influenced him in his Street Photography. An inspirational read from a great writer about an amazing artist.