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In the past we have featured e-books by various Streethunters.net Readers that wish to share their work with the rest of the Street Photography community. We have always been proud and happy to share these works because they are not just a valuable source of inspiration for everyone, but a testament that you, our Readers take the art of Street Photography very seriously. Taking photographs and posting them on Social Networks is one thing, but to concentrate on one project and to go through with it all the way until the end is something totally different.

Free Street Photography eBooks

Just in case you have missed previously featured e-books we are providing you with a list of links to all older eBook posts. We highly recommend you take a look at them and let us and the Street Photographers that made them know what you think. They are all the result of hard work, patience and a passionate love for Street Photography.

Dusan Zidar's Camera Bag

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Inside Dusan Zidar’s Camera bag! (Bag No69)

Hello Hunters,

My name is Dušan Zidar and I am a photographer from Slovenia. My weak point is Street and documentary photography. I shoot digital & film, mostly b&w. Still searching my own style but for now I’ m interested in any technique possible. It is so much fun trying new things isn’t it? I used to hit the streets with my DSLR but I have a new toy now and I’ m so happy 🙂 . My camera bag is very small so I have only one camera inside and the other around my neck. This way I’ m always ready to get the action.

My no name brand bag contains: