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2020 is upon us and so is a new promising decade! The Street Photography scene has changed so much within the last 10 years! I can’t even begin to imagine what it will look like in yet another 10, in 2030. If you think about it, digital street photography now dominates in comparison to 10 years ago when film street photography was still the way to go for decent imagery, and colour street photography seems to be the new standard, leaving black and white behind (not too far behind but still). Everyday more and more talented Street Photographers share their work from all around the world, unwillingly shaping the evolving street photography trends that constantly transform the genre, keeping it always interesting and fresh.

What this post is about?

The purpose of today’s post is to share with you 20 Street Photographers that are worth looking into in 2020.

This list is completely personal. I have no intention of discriminating, of setting any standards, or of imposing my opinion. This is just a list of who I think you should consider following in 2020. You don’t have to agree dear readers, so if you want to share your top20 or open a discussion, please feel free to do so by sharing names and links of Street Photographers you think are worth looking at in the comments.

Just a friendly note to all that think this is a great way for self promoting themselves, I will not share vanity comments 🙂 .

Photo of the week by Dougie Wallace

Featured Street Photo by Dougie Wallace

This time we are featuring a photo by one of my most favourite contemporary Street Photographers, the illustrious Dougie Wallace. If you haven’t heard of Wallace, then you probably need to brush up on your contemporary street knowledge because this guy feels as if he is the natural evolution of Cohen, Gilden and Parr. He is a guru of Flash Street Photography. I find his technique just perfect. He uses the combination of his amazing artificial light tricks and ambient light sources and good composition skills to blast the living daylights out of the most unbelievably interesting characters you can imagine. When you look at Wallace’s work you feel that he has been everywhere and experienced everything and after each photo, you just want to see more and more and more!

Dougie became famous for the series of photos he shot outside Harrods in London. In case you don’t know what Harrods is, Google it, but the quick version is it is a posh shopping centre where rich people do their shopping. And when I say rich, I mean super rich, like lords, sultans, actors, etc. So Dougie has managed to make a massive collection of portraits and street scenes starring these very interesting people using a massive flash to illuminate every single detail of their personas.

Needless to say that Dougie Wallace’s work has been awarded, exhibited and published. He has published his work in books throughout the years which you can purchase by following the relevant links on his website.