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Street Photo of the week by Romeo Dumpit a.k.a. Dizzy Cow

Romeo Dumpit a.k.a. Dizzy Cow is a Street Photographer from the west coast of the USA. He lives in California. Romeo is an active member of our GooglePlus Street Photography community called the SHRC. He is a frequent contributor, posting almost regularly and also comments quite often on other peoples work. Everyone in the SHRC knows him as one of the film guru guys. He is 100% analogue. So, if you have a question about types of film development, film emulsions, analogue cameras and anything that has to do with the awesome world of film, then you know that Romeo can help you out. But he isn’t just someone that knows his film. He is also a talented Street Hunter! He shoots both B&W and Colour film that he rolls and develops himself. He has a great understanding of light and knowns how to get the results he seeks through a combination of the correct film, the style of development and the camera gear he uses! Hats off Romeo! Keep up the great work!