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Inside David Shire's Camera Bag

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Inside David Shire’s Camera bag! (Bag No86)

Hello Street Hunters,

I am originally from Glasgow, Scotland – but have lived a long time in Israel.
Although I work as a Landscape Gardener and own a start-up Craft Brewery (The Lone Tree Brewery – http://lonetreebrewery.com) – is my real passion is photography.
Israel is a small country; about 1/5th the size of Scotland or, approximately, the size of New Jersey and yet, Israel is constantly in the world media. I love Street Photography – I don’t necessarily think of my work as “political” – rather, I prefer to show the daily coexistence between Jews and Arabs, religious and non-religious. On a daily basis, we do all manage to get along. Similarly with Glasgow (I often visit my family there); the city is often maligned – thought of as hard and ugly. I think of Glasgow as the exact opposite – friendly and often, very beautiful.
I use two different cameras – 99.9% of the time a Fuji X100s (and my new Xpro-2 will soon be delivered) and occasionally a Horseman 4*5 with a 210mm Rodenstock lens.
To be honest, I really have to be in the right frame of mind to start with the Horseman…

So the Fuji is with me all day, every day.

I have loved the Billingham bags since I bought my first bag 30 years ago. I like it’s low-tech, non-plastic, non-velcro classic style.
I bought a replacement for my original Hadley last year – a Billingham Hadley Pro.