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Featured street photo by Dana Moica

Featured Street Photo by Dana Moica

Dana Moica is a talented Romanian photographer originally from Timisoara who currently lives in Dragsina.

I met Dana when I was in Bucharest a couple of weeks ago. I was intrigued by her work which was on display in the exhibition of the Phos Bucharest Street Photography Days event. If I remember correctly she had 3 photos exhibited and they were all amazing, however one photo captured my attention the most and that is the one I have chosen to feature today, but more on that later.

Dana is a photographer who loves people. She doesn’t believe in photographic classifications. She photographs whatever captures her attention but as it so happens, people are what attract her the most. She will photograph the subjects that interest her in the street, in the mountains, by the sea, during winter and during summer, without limiting herself to a particular style. That is what I like about her work. It is free and diverse.