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Cristian Crisbășan

Inside Cristian Crisbășan Camera Bag - Bag No.190

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Inside Cristian Crisbășan’s Camera bag! (Bag No190)

“Cristian Crisbășan, 52 years old photographer from Bucharest, Romania.

Witness and observer. I walk, I encounter, I shoot. Daily. Everything I see it’s an encounter on the street of life. And I try to document the best I can these encounters. All images are only portraits of memories in a visual diary of my life. I shoot everything I find meaningful and I think I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Photography is my therapy, my way of learning and being aware of my place in life. I am equally and complementary interested in what I perceive, as I think life is larger than us, humans. I was always attracted to what lies beneath the immediate and common accepted surface of things. I like to discover and uncover, not to explain and demonstrate. Photography happens before the camera. Our eyes just transmit – the brain sees.

Camera bag contents:”