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This week’s Talking Movies will be looking at the cinematic masterpiece that is Blade Runner, and will talk you through how you can analyse some of the scenes in this movie and use them to help you compose some stunning street photos. I will look at some of my own photos and describe how this movie influenced my own shots. Visit the previous segments of Talking Movies for more info.

Introducing Blade Runner

This Ridley Scott helmed gem is quite possibly my favourite movie of all time. Released in 1982, Blade Runner is a sci-fi movie of truly epic proportions that muses on the grandiose theme of what it means to be human. Based on the 1968 novel ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ by legendary science fiction author Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner is about quasi-detective Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) hunting for a gang of escaped artificial humans called Replicants, and is set against the moody, dingy, rain-drenched backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The doleful Vangelis soundtrack makes for melancholy tone to the movie, while the spectacular special effects and production design are perfectly showcased by Jordan Cronenweth’s excellent cinematography, and play just as much as a part of the telling of the movie’s story as the characters themselves. Blade Runner suffered a complex and fraught production for numerous reasons, not helped by director Ridley Scott’s manic attention to minute details in each scene and shot. This obsessive approach paid dividends in the end, while the movie was not a critical or box office success, it is now widely lauded as one of the most iconic movies of its genre, with a die-hard following of devoted fans.

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Tha Graudate


Welcome back to Talking Movies – a guide to how you can use scenes from famous (and not so famous) movies to ignite your creative juices and develop your artistic vision in your street photography. The first instalment of Talking Movies took a trip down memory lane into ‘80s nostalgia with Manhunter, and for this week’s column we’re winding the film spool right back to 1967 and the truly brilliant piece of cinematic storytelling that is ‘The Graduate’.

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Getting inspiration from Cinema - Manhunter


Movies are a great way to take inspiration for your street photography. A truly great movie will be a piece of true escapism for the viewer, as they are immersed wholly in the experience and world the director is presenting them with via the magic of sound and vision. A brilliant movie will leave the viewer with a stream of memorable scenes that will leave a lasting impression. The sheer complexity and cost of movies means that each scene is planned and arranged down to the last detail, and when you watch a well-made movie with a critical photographer’s eye you can start to spot all sorts of hidden details and elements in each shot. With thought and practice you can use what you spot to inform and better your photography. The incredibly fluid nature of street photography means that a street photographer doesn’t have the luxury of time to plan their photos – you need to be able to act fast and instinctively. By improving your visual and artistic literacy through watching and analysing movies you can ensure that your brain remains sharp for when you are able to hit the streets and start shooting.

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