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Inside Carsten Schlipf's Camera Bag - Bag No. 158

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Inside Carsten Schlipf’s Camera bag! (Bag No158)

Hi Street Hunters,

I am a 43 year old amateur photographer living near Stuttgart in Germany, who was always fascinated by street photography. However I am still considering myself a street photography pussy when approaching people, but I am working on getting more confidence.

On the street I aim to stay as lightweight as possible with my X100F and its great fixed 23mm lens as the only camera in a rather small bag.

Photography will definitely stay a hobby as I enjoy the freedom to experiment with various styles and do what I want to do. The most rewarding part of photography as a hobby is finding a personal balance and the process of slowing down the world, whenever I am seeking beauty in every day’s things through the viewfinder of my camera.

You can meet me at a Drink and Click event of the Stuttgart chapter.

Inside my bag: