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Inside Brian Jakobsen's bag

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Inside Brian Jakobsen’s Camera bag! (Bag No64)

Hi, Street Hunters,

My name is Brian Jakobsen and I live in Denmark. In the summer of 2014 I started out doing street photography. I have been drawn to the genre for a while, but it wasn´t easy for me starting out taking photos of strangers. But it is also part of the fascination, that every bit of street photography is a challange. I try to bring the camera with me everywhere I go, because I really want train my eye and be able to take better pictures. One of the first things I did, was to sell my Canon DSLR and get myself a little fuji X100s in order to be a little less obtrusive. I want my camera bag to be as small as possible, because the camera is around my neck all of the time anyway, – so it only has to hold the other stuff I need

My bag contains: