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ATTENTION – Send us your camera bags!

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Inside Bill Palmer’s Camera bag! (Bag No194)


I’m Bill Palmer, aka “Lightmancer” and these are the contents of the smallest camera bag I have ever used! It’s a beautiful saddle-leather belt pouch by Taylor Kent and Co that holds everything I need. I’ve shot street for many years, initially for fun and more recently in connection with the “Queen’s Wayfarer” series of thrillers that I write – the hero of my books is himself a photographer! Over the years I have shot Nikon, Contax and Leica but today I use Fuji (XPro3) and, as shown here, the remarkable Ricoh GRIII.

For me, street photography is all about being in the moment, and carrying a small kit is part of being agile, mobile and open to new things.

In the bag:”