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Andrew Sweigart selfie


Street Photography has opened a door into a band new realm of creativity for me. I would be willing to bet that any one you reading this could say the same. This expedition is still in it’s early stages for me. I can count my street excursions on my fingers and toes! Like any new adventure, it’s exciting, but also slightly terrifying. The thrill comes from the wonderful mixture of both.

Besides the thrill, the biggest reward I’ve reaped is the skills I’ve acquired. Prior to this, I would have considered myself a hobbyist. I would shoot mostly inanimate objects, with the exception being animals. Venture out on a sunny day and snap away mostly on Auto. I got cool shots, but I didn’t challenge myself. It wasn’t until I got gentle pressuring from Spyros that I even attempted shooting a human being or street shots. I was fearful, really. But man, am I glad I accepted the challenge! I didn’t know what I, with my camera, was capable of. That being said, I’d like to tell you about the benefits that I’ve discovered, of being a street photographer. I’d like to focus on the new skills that I’ve begun to acquire. And I’m going to keep this simple and personal. No technical talk, because frankly, I don’t know it!