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Inside Axel Valery's Camera Bag

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Inside Axel Valery’s Camera bag! (Bag No148)

Hi guys, I’m a French photographer, I’ve been living in Paris for the last 9 years, started photography about 6 years ago with the Iphone 4S, and that’s when I decided to learn photography and make a living of it, wich fortunately happened 4 years ago. Started street photo with the Ricoh GR2 and then bought the Leica Q wich really changed my game !

I never have a bag, but I like to have my Galaxy Note 8 connected to my Leica to shoot discretely while it’s hanging from my neck, or shoot with my old Canon and it’s 50mm 1.4 on film. The notebook is to write ideas or just anything, a soothing therapy between shots…

What is in my bag: