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So as always the best laid plans of mice and men have gone awry, and it has now been almost six or so weeks since the last ‘This Week’ – our summaries of the latest goings on with the Streethunters.net blog and social media channels. With Christmas fast approaching, and our editorial team readying ourselves for a short break to recharge our batteries, we wanted to give a really quick rundown of the events of the last month and half if you’ve missed anything. So strap yourselves in, and get ready for a whistle-stop tour!

Promo for Oxford Circus sprint by Anton Fortein

Street Photo of the week by Anton Fortein

Anton Fortein is a Street Photographer from the UK. He is also one of the SHRC Moderators, single handedly curating the Topics For Discussion and the Print Exchanges! He is also a massive contributor to the Community. He submits photos, comments and shares his experiences. Everyone in the SHRC recognises that. He is a talented film shooter, with unmatched knowledge on emulsions, film behaviours, film development and a passionate artist! Anton has proven to be a valuable member of the SHRC, a huge motivator and a great guy! He shoots using a Ricoh GR1 mostly, a Nikon FM3, a Leica IIIa, a Contax 167MT and other interesting film cameras through which he has managed to achieve a unique style. I have reached the point where I can recognise images of Anton from a mile away! Crazy about Tri-X and B&W photography, Anton shoots mostly in B&W but drops in an occasional colour shot every once in a while just to disrupt the waters! Besides Moderating the SHRC, Anton has also written a guest blog post for the StreetHunters.net website called “Analogue in a digital age… why I shoot film”. You can learn about how he approaches Street Photography and film by reading that post. I highly recommend it!

Anton Fortein's camera bag

About “What’s in your camera bag Street Hunter!”

In June 2014  we started sharing the contents of the Camera Bag of one of you, one of our awesome StreetHunters.net Readers every week! All images and text in these posts are written by the Readers presenting their camera bags. If you want to participate, please read the rules of participation at the end of the post. Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Inside Anton Fortein’s Camera bag! (Bag No9)

Hiya felow hunters!

Just a quick look inside my bag. I’m afraid this is not a very complicated bag. Just the essential for what I need for a walk-about. Missing from my bag is some bottled water. I will sometimes swap out the RicohGR1 with my Leica iiia, or my Contax167MT. But as most of you know by now, I almost totally use film. This is what I enjoy, and will never push anyone to use anything that seems fashionable, but what makes then feel good, and enjoy shoooting. And as you also know, I shoot mainly on the street, and my bag reflects this. I like crowds and getting up close and involved. I want my images to show involvement with a life lived and experienced on the street.