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Street Hunters Summer break!

Dear Readers,

Every summer here at Streethunters.net we like to take a couple of weeks off to relax, reflect on previous months and to do some beach street photography. That time of the year has arrived once more and we will be slowing down for a couple of weeks. Our summer holidays will start tomorrow on the 11th of August and will end on the 24th of August. We will not be posting much during that period.

Please send in your Camera Bags!


Dear Streethunter.net Readers,

More than a year ago we started sharing with you the contents of the camera bags that you have graciously been sharing with us. Every week we have been posting a new camera bag, each one completely different to the others. We have been intrigued by your setups and your gear selections and combinations. But most of all we’ve been excited because after each post we feel that we know one more of you just a little bit better. So, thank you all for sharing your bags with us, thank you for your support and your openness.

More than 1 year of camera bags!

The weekly post “What’s in your Camera Bag Street Hunters” is now at bag number 54! So, that is more than a year’s worth of camera bags! We have acquired a lovely collection and we really want to see it grow even more. All camera bags are accessible to all of you when visiting the “What’s in your Camera Bag?” section. If you feel like taking a look, go right ahead and jump in.

Announcing the Istanbul Street Hunt sponsored by Cosyspeed


Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

Our Hamburg Street Hunt Sponsors, the awesome COSYSPEED, have offered to sponsor one more Street Hunt video for us, this time in the captivating city of Istanbul in Turkey. So, I will be heading off to Istanbul on the 20th of August for 3 days to meet Cosyspeed and record a special Street Hunt in the busy streets of one of the most colourful and exciting cities in the world.

Crit my pic feature image

Long-term readers of streethunters.net might remember we ran a feature called ‘Crit My Pic’ where Casper Macindoe would provide a detailed analysis of a photo one of you guys had submitted to us.

Well, after just over a year on ice, we’d like to announce the return of the ‘Crit My Pic’ as a feature on streethunters.net! Ideally, we want to post a photo critique every two weeks on a Thursday, taking the place of Talking Movies while the latter enjoys a bit of a sabbatical.

What is Crit My Pic?

Crit My Pic is a feature I’ll be running where I take one of your photos and analyse it. I’ll look at things like composition, lighting, colour, subject matter and mood. I’ll say what parts of the photo I like, and make suggestions for where I think the photo can be improved. Check out Casper’s previous analyses for an idea of what this looks like – though I’ll be adding my own take on things. Crit My Pic is not designed to be a negative experience, and I’m not going to be telling anyone their work is terrible. My aim is to offer advice and constructive criticism as an impartial observer – often an outsider’s view on something can be more objective, and they can offer a new perspective on things. After you’ve read through my analysis I want you to feel like hitting the streets straight away, and applying some of my suggestions to your street photography in order to make better photos.

Send in your London photos

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

The time for the release of the Street Hunt video filmed during the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London is close. Only a few days away. We are planning on releasing the video on Wednesday. More than 4 hours of video have been squeezed into 41 minutes. We have tried to keep the most important and meaningful moments, along with lots of action with off camera flash photography. We will be mentioning more about the video during the actual video release. We will not say more at this moment so we don’t spoil the experience.

Announcing Digby Fullam


Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

As you might remember, a while back our dear friend Casper Macindoe retired from the Streethunters.net brand for personal reasons. Casper was a creative genius and a wonderful person, our team’s zen master. Always creative, tranquil and helpful. Him leaving left Andrew and myself struggling to keep up with the flow of things and the fast pace we had set for Streethunters.net by then. Happily, we have managed to succeed, especially with the help of Anton Fortein and the other SHRC moderators that have completely taken over management of our GooglePlus Community. This gave us some extra time to work on our website’s content and to keep it constantly up to date.

Most favourite photo for 2014 by Simon Ashmore


As mentioned in every Monthly Theme Contest we have had in 2014 and also in our post called “The photos of the StreetHunters.net 2014 calendar!”, at the end of the year of 2014 we asked you to choose your favourite photo out of the 12 winning shots. That favourite photo, as we promised, is to receive a winning prize. The prize is a free Street Hunters calendar that will include all the photos from all the Monthly Theme Contests of 2014! Hurray!

Website is clean from Malware and protected against attacks


Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

Some of you might have noticed an ugly red screen popping up when visiting our website pages today. The reason for that was because our website had been attacked by a very nasty and very fresh Malware that only appeared on the Interwebs 4 days ago on Sunday. Our website got attacked and successfully infected yesterday and then again very early in the morning today.

About our security policy

We take security very seriously at Streethunters.net and we do not leave things to chance. Our website had all the latest security patches installed when the attack took place and is also backed by a highly respected security suite since it first launched keeping our data and you safe from almost all possible attacks. Unfortunately this latest attack was by a brand new Malware that struck us very quickly indeed, before our security software had any chance to update.

Announcing Trip to Hamburg sponsored by Cosyspeed for a special Street Hunt recording!


Dear StreetHunters.net Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that a StreetHunters.net representative will be heading off to Hamburg on the 12th of December for 3 days to meet the guys of Cosyspeed and film (record) a special Street Hunt! This special Hamburg Street Hunt will be sponsored by Cosyspeed. Thanks guys!!!

If you don’t know who Cosyspeed is, it is the cool company that makes those awesome CAMSLINGER camera bags that we reviewed in the past. You can read the “Cosyspeed Camslinger Camera Bag Review” here.

Announcement - PotD replaced with PotW


As you might have understood from the title of this Announcement, the Picture of the Day is going to stop. Instead of a Picture of the Day, we will be sharing a Picture of the Week. Please let me explain why in a few words.

The reason why

Since May 2013, we have each been posting one photo every day (except Sundays). That is more than 1000 photographs combined!

When we first started posting for StreetHunters.net it was all about sharing our photographic work. We wanted to be something like a collective, so sharing our images was essential. Since then StreetHunters.net has evolved from that original idea into a resource for all things Street Photography and now has a planned vision for the future. This planned vision involves more guest posts, regular weeklies, interviews, street hunt videos, contests and more. Things that are generally useful and interesting.

Andrew and myself want to focus on posting more quality blog and video posts for you but at the same time we need to improve on our own Street Photography. We feel that we need to make wiser selections when sharing one of our photos with you and in addition we want to have the time to explain how we made each photograph we share. We believe that sharing this kind of knowledge and expertise will be of more value to you and to us, than just posting a Photo every day.