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Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin podcast

We here at Streethunters HQ are always excited to see our friends unveil new projects, so we were particularly happy to hear our friend and fan, Valerie Jardin was up to something fresh!

Valerie Jardin has released her first two podcasts in a new series called Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin! You may know her work from her previous series, Street Focus. That podcast ran for two years with a whopping 104 episodes. Three of those episodes featured our very own Spyros Papaspyropoulos!

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Miami Street Photography Festival 2016 - photo by Martin Parr


One of the premier Street Photography events in the world is on the horizon, and it is fast approaching. Ladies and gentlemen, The Miami Street Photography festival is in sight!

From December 1st through the 4th, the extravaganza that is The Miami Street Photography festival will be unleashed at HistoryMIami Museum, 101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida. This festival is is truly a street star-studded event! Just check out this list of featured artists that truly need no introduction: Martin Parr, Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, Matt Stuart, Richard Kalvar, Jill Freedman, and Maggie Steber! And then there’s the contest judges: Gus Powell, Chris Suspect, Jesse Marlow, Ania Klosek and Stuart! That, my friends is one impressive lineup.

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Months of photography Paphos logo

Earlier this year, we spread the word about the great Months Of Photography program rolled out by The Cyprus Photographic Society, Pafos Branch. There were many engaging and educational activities hosted by the Society. Workshops, lectures, presentations, exhibitions and competitions. Many free or at a very reasonable cost! One of the competitions was the 2nd Cyprus Fotomarathon. Now, the Society is unveiling the exhibition of the winning photographs from the Fotomarathon!

Vineet Vohra

As mentioned previously here at Streethunters, the Brussels Street Photography Festival is fast approaching, coming to the spectacular city On October 28th. Among the events happening are workshops with internationally acclaimed photographers. Hosting one of the workshops are two great shooters from India, Vineet and Rohit Vohra!

The Vohra brothers are no strangers here at Streethunters HQ. Rohit has made the reader-sourced list, The 20 Most Influential Street Photographers in 2015 and Vineet was voted to the list in both 2015 and 2016. Together they are presenting their three-day workshop, ‘The Art Of Storytelling’ at the festival. The workshop will run from October 28th through the 30th. It is limited to 18 participants and will be presented in English.

We need more camera bags


Dear Streethunters.net Readers, for more than 2 years now we’ve been sharing with you the contents of your camera bags. We have finally reached the point where we are at the 100 bag precipice. We have published 99 street photography Camera Bags and we are waiting for that elusive 100th camera bag to one day pop into our mailbox.

Why the camera bags have stopped

Since we published camera bag 99 on August 1st there have been no new submissions and as such the “What’s in your Camera Bag?” weekly posts have stopped being published. Unlike our other posts, the “What’s in your Camera Bag” posts depend 100% on you and your level of participation.

2nd cyprus photomarathon

The Cyprus Photographic Society, Pafos Branch continues to roll out great events within their Months Of Photography program. Up next is their second installment of their Fotomarathon, whose debut last year was a success. The event is scheduled for May 14th,  from 10AM to 2PM.

Fotomarathon is a challenge-based competition and the event is open to all, with no restrictions based on age or level of photographic expertise. It is designed to provide an opportunity for creative expression and for the participants to view and explore their own city in a new and different perspective while being creative, spontaneous, original.

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MoPP continues

The Cyprus Photographic Society shows no signs of slowing down with its Months of Photography Paphos programs! Here are two more great events coming up!

First is another free program, a photography workshop for kids 10-14 years old. Presented by Maria Efthymiou and Thanos Savvides, this workshop will be held at the House of Literature and Arts, Pafos on May 4. It begins at 3PM with “Let’s Learn The Basics Of Photography”. After an intermission, the students will take a walk in the streets around the House, going on a photoshoot. The students must bring a digital camera with them and parents may join them on the photo walk if they wish.

StreetFoto 2016

Dear Readers, a while back we posted about the StreetFoto International Street Photography Festival that will be taking place in San Francisco on June 8th until June 12th. You can read more information about this in the relevant StreetFoto post.

Today we are getting in touch with you to remind you that the entries for the contests that have been arranged for StreetFoto are about to close and if you are interested in submitting your work to the panel of judges, now is the time. At the time of writing this there are 03 days 21 hours and 51 minutes left for the deadline. The entry dates have been extended to give the chance to more people to participate.

Rage Against The Light Cover

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

If you have been following our blog for a while, you might remember the talented Australian Street Photographer Markus Andersen from Melbourne. We shared a cool video documentary he made about his Street Photography called “Into the Belly of the Beast” and he was also kind enough to participate in “What’s in your Camera Bag Street Hunter” by sharing the contents of his bag.

Rage Against The Light pages 02-03

This time we are writing to share with you the news of the release of Markus’ first photography book called “Rage Against the Light“. You can read more about “Rage Against the Light” on the publisher’s website. From what we can see from the photos available to us and the video which we are sharing below, this looks like an impressive collection of surreal b&w photos by Markus. We can only imagine how cool the photos will look in print!