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Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

Next week our editorial team will be taking a small break for one week, starting on Monday the 10th of April. We will be joining our families and loved ones in celebration of the Easter holidays. We will be back with more street photography news, posts and videos on the 18th of April 2017.

During the time we will be on a break, we will not be posting anything on our blog, or our Social Media channels. However if you want to get in touch with us, you can do so using Facebook messenger or our email. We will have irregular access to our means of communication we will get back to you.

Now that we will not be filling your timeline with posts for a week, we invite you to take this opportunity and go outside and shoot more! Just grab your cameras, go outside and lose yourselves in street photography!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

3rd Annual meeting London


Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

For the 3rd consecutive year we are organising the Street Hunters Annual Meeting in London! This year things will be even more interesting and even more exciting. We will be collaborating with Beers & Cameras, 35mmc and the London Street Photography Festival and together we plan to offer you 3 full days of Street Photography ecstasy!

I will get into details about our collaborations further down this announcement, but before I write anything more, I want to send a MASSIVE shoutout to our AMAZING, FANTASTIC, one and ONLY sponsor COSYSPEED who will be funding our meeting for the 2nd year in a row! We thank you very much COSYSPEED and especially Thomas Ludwig our dear friend and avid Street Hunter! I can’t wait to hit the streets with you one more time, Thomas!

Cosyspeed. Sponsor of the 3rd Annual Street Hunters meeting in London

MoPP Pafos BULBphotos Annual Exhibition 2017 cover

We’ve mentioned the fantastic Months of Photography Pafos program here at Streethunters previously. Sponsored by the Cyprus Photographic Society, Pafos Branch, the program hosts an engaging and educational series of events for all photographers and for all ages. Included are various workshops, exhibitions, seminars and film screenings, and most are at a low cost or free! The three-month long program is seeking to establish itself as an international photography festival comparable with others, and it appears to be on it’s way to doing so in Cyprus’ beautiful Paphos, a 2017 European Capital of Culture.

Months of Photography Paphos Public Art 2017

You may recall us talking about the Months Of Photography Paphos programs here last year. Well the highly interactive, educational and successful event is back for another run in 2017! The Public Art call for entries was announced here just a few weeks ago, but the official program is now in our hands and it is packed with another schedule of great activities and events! And, once again, all of them are at a low cost or free!

The purpose of the program is to offer quality events around the photographic art for three months and establish itself as an international photography festival comparable with others. MoPP says it’s specific objectives are to:

  • offer to the public of Cyprus quality events about photography,
  • provide an opportunity for Cypriots and other photographers to be trained,
  • build a communication and collaboration platform for Cypriot photographers with their colleagues abroad and between cultural operators,
  • accommodate new trends in artistic photography,
  • and to promote the art of photography.

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David Gleave's

Manchester-based photographer David Gleave cites among his influences Robert Frank, Robert Capa, Eugene Smith, Bruce Davidson, Garry Winogrand, William Eggleston, William Klein and Mary Ellen Mark. All legends. And, gauging from the sample images of his book, In The City, Gleave is doing work that they just might approve of.

Gleave, who holds a Licentiateship distinction from The Royal Photographic Society, has collated a number of striking images for his debut publication, In The City. Just like the title implies, Gleave says his primary theme is the characters and scenes found at the heart of our larger urban communities. Images of Manchester comprise over half the impressions in his new book, and the same echoes resonate from other cities captured exclusively in mono, including London and New York in particular.

David Gleave's "In The City"
From David Gleave’s “In The City”

Months of Photography Paphos Public Art 2017

The Cyprus Photographic Society- Paphos Branch is bringing back their successful PUBLIC ART exhibition for 2017!

PUBLIC ART is a challenging invitation for photographers in and outside Cyprus. The aim of this project is to take photographic art close to the public without exhibiting in conventional rooms (read galleries). The 12 winners of this competition will have the opportunity to have solo exhibitions at 12 different cafes, bars and other places in Paphos for 28 days and for only 20 Euros! It’s a truly great opportunity for photographers to have their work seen in comfortable social areas and retail establishments, providing exposure to members of the public who may not get out to the galleries!

Happy Holidays from Streethunters.net

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

One more year has gone by and we are still at it! As 2017 approaches we look back and see what a long way we have come since 2013 when we founded our website. Back then our dream was to create a Street Photography resource and now, we realise this dream has come true!

We have Street Photography Book reviews, we have famous Street Photographer biographies, we have street photography tips, we have held events, we have videos, street photography contests, press releases and announcements, how-tos, featured photos, lists of top 10s, gear reviews, photo critiques, guides to shooting in various cities and more!

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Just for Passion by Letizia Battaglia

Exciting news coming in to Streethunters’ HQ. DRAGO, the great publishing house of contemporary art that brought us Boogie’s superb photobook, A Wah Do Dem, is getting set to deliver a volume from the legendary Italian photographer and photojournalist Letizia Battaglia! Her book “Just For Passion”, is slated for a February 2017 release.

Battaglia, known primarily for her work on the Mafia, has had a lengthy and amazing career, and, at age 81, she is showing no signs of slowing down. Born in Palermo in 1935, Battaglia took up photojournalism after her divorce in 1971 while raising three daughters. According to DRAGO,

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Photograph © Francisco Diaz + Deb Young (2015 Portfolio Competition Selection)
Photograph © Francisco Diaz + Deb Young (2015 Portfolio Competition Selection)

The Soho Photo Gallery, founded in 1971 by a group of New York Times photographers who wanted to create a venue for photography as fine art, have announced their are currently holding the Soho Photo Gallery International Portfolio Competition 2017.

Being a portfolio competition, each contributing artist can submit 12-20 pieces of work for a cost of $65.00 USD. A portfolio contains 12-20 compositionally and technically strong images, with a consistent theme or topic. Any subject matter and photographic print medium are acceptable.

Members of Soho Photo Gallery’s Portfolio Review Committee will jury the competition. The committee has reviewed thousands of portfolios since the gallery’s beginning in 1971. In doing so, the gallery has exhibited prints by some of the finest contemporary photographers throughout the world.