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Inside Andy Curtis' Camera Bag

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Inside Andy Curtis’ Camera bag! (Bag No107)

Hello fellow street hunters!

My name is Andy Curtis and I am a street photographer in the U.K. I’ve been into street photography for several years, and in fact, it was a “Street hunt” video in Rethymno by Spyros that got me interested in the first place! I enjoy capturing moments of real life, real emotions, real reactions from everyday life. One tip I always tell people is to try shooting in the rain (if you can/dare). The wet ground is great for reflections and really brings out the tones in BnW conversions.

Contents of bag:

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Crit My Pic - 'Singing in the Hail' by Andy Curtis

After an unanticipated interlude, the Crit My Pic analysis of your submitted street photographs has returned. This week I’m going to be analysing a photo by Andy Curtis called ‘Singing in the Hail’. As usual, I’ll be looking at  Andy’s photo across the criteria of point of view, focal point, composition, exposure, subject matter, and mood, making any suggestions I can for ways in which it can be improved. If you want to have your own street photograph analysed for Crit My Pic, all you need to do is read through the submission rules below and then email us your photo! Now, let’s crack on with Andy’s shot…