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Inside Andrew Kalashnikov's Camera Bag

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Inside Andrew Kalashnikov’s Camera bag! (Bag No44)

Hello StreetHunters!

My name is Andrew, I’m from Ukraine. I grew up in a poor urban neighborhood located outskirts of the big city. That area abounds with interesting characters and moments of life that could be safely attributed to “decisive moments” according to Cartier-Bresson. My first camera Canon S80 was bought in high school and helped me in the first attempts to photograph these moments.

I was lucky enough to visit various European cities but most of the time I spend in my hometown. At some point I realized that it’s much more interesting to tell the story of my own hometown than any other city.

Now I’m shooting with Nikon DSLR. I’m a fan of Garry Winogrand‘s work and this was a good enough reason to buy 28mm prime. Great lens and I’m planning to move to full frame to use it rightly. And 50mm + 100mm primes for bokehlicious street portraits.

I prefer V’nox bags to camera-bags – better quality, more comfortable and practical, less of unwanted attention. Most of the time it’s a messenger bag, backpack while travelling.

My messenger bag contains: