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Andreas Neophytou

Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Street Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Andreas Neophytou is a Street Photographer that is from Cyprus and is currently based in sunny Nicosia. Andreas is a professional photographer, but not the type of photographer you usually happen to meet. He is a Police Photographer and Crime Scene Examiner. Personally I think that is highly interesting and exciting. Images of Weegee come to mind, shooting the crime scenes of NY in the 30s.

When Andreas isn’t shooting crime scenes, he shoots in the streets of Nicosia. He is a highly talented Street Photographer that understands light and shadows and has a keen eye for interesting compositions that make a photo pop. He has a preference of shooting close-up and wide. He likes capturing colour and black & white and photographs from various points of view and angles. Taking a look at his portfolio, one sees a plethora of very interesting photos.

Andreas is a part of the B.U.L.B. collective, as well as the In[+]frame collective. He is also a member of the Streethunters.net Readers Flickr group that is slowly growing into one of the best Flickr groups on Street Photography!