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This Week Streethunters.net 6/11/17 to 12/11/17


Another week has ended, which means it’s just the time for us to put together a short debrief of just what’s been going on with us Street Hunters, with ‘This Week on Streethunters.net’! We’ve got a couple of month’s worth of weekly summaries now archived over on the ‘‘This Week’ page of the website, so make sure you head on over if you’ve been out of the loop for a while and have some catching up to do. But for now, let’s crack on with everything that’s been happening this week!

Inside Alexandros Koukoulis Camera Bag

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Inside Alexandros Koukoulis’ Camera bag! (Bag No139)

Hello every one,
My name is Alexandros from Chios Greece. I started my journey in photography in 2014, very soon I discovered that I like shooting strange people in their environment. Firstly I was shooting with Nikon but now I’m a Fuji lover since I mostly shoot street and their size helps that kind of photography. I also enjoying manual focus lens more because it lets me shoot faster at least at daytime street shooting and I like more their character.

The contents of my camera bag: