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Inside Alberto's Camera Bag - Bag No.192

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Inside Alberto’s Camera bag! (Bag No192)

“Hi, I’m Alberto and I have been taking pictures for… I don’t remember!

I have a job that allows me to travel a lot, taking photos is the most galvanizing way to immerse myself in new places, cultures and people. I love to get lost in the streets of cities that I don’t know and discover them with my eye on the viewfinder.

I can be a hunter or a fisherman, it could be on the streets, on the beach or in the woods but in any case, once I get back home if I look at the photos I took, they make me sick all but one. Two if it’s my lucky day.

I’m not a burst shooting fan, anyway.

I have changed a bit of gear in recent years but now I always go out light. This is my bag.