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1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting

Street Hunt No 15 - 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting


The moment that all the Street Hunters that attended the 1st Annual Street Hunters meeting in London have been waiting for has arrived! Street Hunt Video No15, filmed during the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting is now ready!

Sharing this amazing day with Anton Fortein, Derren Hodson, Bill Wellham, Dan Berntsson, Gagan Sadana, Paul Griffiths, Martin U Waltz, John Hughes, Brian Boyce, Adrian Looby, David Smith, Marcello Perino, Barrie Duffield, Dave Nash, Benjamin Nwaneampeh, Adam from Poland, Jordi Mallol i Comas, Laurence Taylor, Brian Duffy, Treve Kneebone, Andy Wasley, Amanda Culley, Brian Duffy, Duncan Paterson, Mike Beecham, Luigi Caruso, Klaus Scherer and Richard Parmiter was an honour and a one of a kind experience. I want to thank you all for attending. Streethunters.net wants to thank you all for attending!

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Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

The time for the release of the Street Hunt video filmed during the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London is close. Only a few days away. We are planning on releasing the video on Wednesday. More than 4 hours of video have been squeezed into 41 minutes. We have tried to keep the most important and meaningful moments, along with lots of action with off camera flash photography. We will be mentioning more about the video during the actual video release. We will not say more at this moment so we don’t spoil the experience.

1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting
Photo from the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting in 2015


Dear StreetHunters.net Readers,

This past weekend I visited the city of London in the UK, to film a Street Hunt video and to attend the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting. I stayed for 3 nights and had an amazing time! London is a versatile city, full of many amazing characters. At first I was overwhelmed by its size and I felt like an ant in the sea, but soon I adjusted and with the help of the rest of the Street Hunters I managed to get in sync with the vibe of London! All in all I shot in the streets for 2 full days (Saturday and Sunday) and during that time I covered 30 km of walking distance that I managed to cover in a total of 18 hours. I didn’t break my Hamburg 22 hour record in 2 days, but still I felt like I burned off 1 week’s worth of calories!

NOTE: This is a Guest Blog post written by Anton Fortein for www.streethunters.net


So, our young Spyros is coming to do a street hunt in good ol’ Londontown on the 6th of June. The subject of his hunt will be ‘Flash photography on the Street’ and we are expecting a few to tag along for the show. We have planned a circuit of the West End, The City and The South Bank. This will not be the longest trek, but as anyone who knows this town will know that there is loads to take in.