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My name is Yiannis Yiasaris i'm from Greeece but i have lived in Australia the last 13 years.i'm a self love of street photography comes from the curiosity about people going about their every day life and my passion to tell their stories through pictures. i use a sony a7 and a sony a6000 with samyang 14mm sony 10-18mm and carl zeiss 35mm

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Ultra wide angles are very difficult to master. Especially in Street Photography if you are not prepared to get close and personal with your subject and when I say close I mean like two lovers with a glass of wine shared between them, then my advice is to try with a longer focal length.

However if you choose to get close, you will be rewarded with some beautiful cinematic pictures with a strong sense of drama.

One of the hardest things with an ultra wide lens when shooting on the street, is to correctly place your subject into the frame. The reason for this is because wide angle lenses have the ability to “suck everything into your frame” and most of the times some unwanted elements slip in unnoticed that can totally destroy your composition and your photograph. The slightest miscalculation that could bring you a few cm closer or further away from your subject, could have a huge impact on the final result.

Another important thing that you should have in mind when going ultra wide, is the relationship between your subject and your background. What you should remember is that the closer you are to your subject, the further your background is pushed away.

Below I share with you 6 Tips for shooting Ultra Wide Angle Street Photography that I have picked up along the years . I hope you find them useful.