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Spyros Papaspyropoulos is passionate about Photography, especially Street Photography. Because of that passion he considers himself a Street Photographer. If you would like to see his work you can also visit his Street Hunters Profile. He is co-founder of Street Hunters.

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FlashGun Magazine Review by


Dear Readers,

This is my first attempt at reviewing a published photo book / magazine. I must admit that it feels like a much harder task than, lets say, reviewing a camera or an accessory. Gear is basically a WYSIWYG thing. You use it, check it, try it, compare it and you can form an opinion by analysing the facts that are presented to you. A book however is something totally different. Of course there are some practical points to examine such as the quality of the publication or the design, but basically the reviewer is called upon to offer his insight on the book and its contents, to determine the quality of the photos, how easy it is to read and how well it presents itself on multiple levels. Reviewing a book or zine in my opinion requires much more dedication and an open mind, which are tools that can help you also understand on another level the people behind the work presented. Up until a short while ago, expert book reviewer Andrew Sweigart would dissect any publication sent to us for review and share his thoughts with all of you dear Readers, but now that he has left the team for personal reasons,, it is time for me to give this book reviewing thing a try. I hope you enjoy it.

2 day Street Photography Workshop in Athens with Gabi Ben Avraham and Yiannis Yiasaris: Beyond Snapshots

In Athens at the end of June, specifically on the 28th and 29th of June, 2 massive street photographers, Gabi Ben Avraham and Yiannis Yiasaris, join forces for a very exciting hands-on street photography workshop! At only €150 sans taxes for both days and both tutors I consider this workshop a great bargain, so don’t just sit there, register today!

Both Gabi and Yannis have been featured on our website before many times in the past. Just search for their names in the search bar and you can find all the posts we have written about them.

But they are not only amazing street shooters, they are both good friends of mine and great guys! Not only will you get a chance to learn some of the coolest tips and tricks in street, but you will also enjoy spending time in the company of two creative, colourful, motivating and inspirational fellow humans. I promise you this will not be just a workshop, it will be an experience to remember!

A new documentary about contemporary New York street photography is in the works at the moment and I have to say I am very excited about it! Directed by Tim Huynh, “Fill The Frame” promises to be an inspiring film that will examine the art of street photography through the eyes of 8 New York based street photographers with different backgrounds and of varying styles.

However, in order for this film to be produced and released to the masses, it needs a boost from all of us! To achieve this, Tim has setup a Kickstarter page on which you can find all information about the documentary and details about the various ways you can contribute in order to make this project a reality. My personal favourite is getting my name in the credits for $75! How cool is that!?

Iris Maria Tusa - Editor at Street Hunters


As some of you might remember, not long ago I announced that co-founder Andrew Sweigart and editor Digby Fullam had to depart from the team. Since announcing that my partners had to retire, I have received many offers from street photographers around the world wanting to help me by writing guest posts, sharing articles on their social network profiles and more. I am very grateful to everyone that reached out to me offering their assistance. It means a lot to me knowing that you guys care for so much that you are willing to actively help.

Last week I was having a talk with a friend of mine about and the future of the website and I could sense that she was looking for a creative outlet and a way to express her thoughts and ideas about street photography to the world, so I instinctively asked her if she would like to join me and start writing for the website. She loved the idea and agreed. That made me feel great! Not only was I going to be receiving the help of another photographer, but most importantly I was going to be receiving the help of a friend and that meant a lot to me! But enough of that, I would like to introduce her to you now.

Photo by Matt Stuart


The 3rd London Street Photography Festival will be taking place on the 23-25th of August 2019 at “Stour Space” and “The Old Baths” in East London. For all of you that haven’t heard of the LSPF before, it is a non-profit international event that is based in London and showcases Street Photography. The goal of the Festival is to build a community and to establish and develop a platform for networking, learning and development through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, competition and associated events. In addition the LSPF aims to be closely connected to the community and young people and provide them with the world-class resources and experience in one of the most dynamic and popular genres of photography.

Inside Rom Amir's Camera Bag - Bag No.175

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Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Inside Rom Amir’s Camera bag! (Bag No175)

“Hi StreetHunters!

My name is Rom Amir and I’m 38 years old amateur street photographer. I’ve picked up street photographing not a while ago after experiencing all sort of photographing and ever since focus all my photography efforts on the street. I’ve always been attracted to photography and I guess I inherit that from my father who also was an amateur photographer, and I’m still using his old Pentax ME film camera to photograph sometimes. Other then newly purchased Canon 6D camera body I try not to spend too much on gear as I believe it not about the gear… I’m spending my time partly in China and partly in Israel so I get to travel a lot in big cities – Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Singapore etc. which is amazing for street chasing! I am inspired by street photographers such as Bruce Gilden, Allex Libec & Felix Lupa.

The contents of my camera bag:”

Inside Dionisis Limperopoulos' Camera Bag - Bag No. 174

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Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Inside Dionisis Limperopoulos’ Camera bag! (Bag No174)

“Hello Street Hunters,

My name is Dionisis Limperopoulos and I am a 24 year old photography enthusiast based in Patras, Greece. It’s been a year since I grabbed my first camera and the love for photography is growing stronger every minute since then. The main photographic genres that I love practicing are Street, Landscape and Product photography.

When I am trying to create street photos I use exclusively film cameras with prime lenses for one main reason, every click counts. It’s been a great way to improve my skills since I have to think twice before the shutter is released. Composition, framing, exposure and timing have to be precise because there is no way to correct your mistakes.

The photographers who inspire me are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Webb, John Free, Vivian Maier, Robert Frank, Paul Strand, Nikos Oikonomopoulos and Arnold Newman.

Hope one day I will capture the decisive moment.

The contents of my camera bag:”

Inside Marcin Piekałkiewicz's Camera Bag - Bag No. 173

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If you want to participate, please read the rules of participation at the end of the post.
Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Inside Marcin Piekałkiewicz’s Camera bag! (Bag No173)

“Marcin Piekalkiewicz is a photographer born in Warsaw, Poland, currently based in Malta.

He studied electrical engineering, socioeconomics, and Italian literature, but his genuine interest in people made him then switch to street photography. He defines it as an artistic opportunity to make ordinary moments meaningful by turning them into stories about societies and individuals. He has followed workshops with David Gibson and Matt Stuart. Both encounters have had a significant influence on his work. Some of his individual documentary projects were exhibited in various locations in Italy and received attention from ANSA (Italian Associated Press National Agency). His street photography portfolio has recently been published in Eyeshot Magazine.

Contents of camera bag:”

PhosSofia Street Photography Festival
Graphic provided by Marius Petrescu


The PHOS Street Photography Days festival started in November 2017 in Athens, Greece. Since then it has been hosted in Bucharest Romania in April of 2018 and in Athens again in November 2018. Now it is time for another Balkan capital to host Phos and that capital is Sofia.

So get ready for another 3-4 exciting days full of street photography exhibitions, talks, contests, photowalks and workshops! But when is PHOS Sofia taking place and where?

Street Hunters 2019 - There is nothing permanent except change


Dear Readers,

If you are a regular on this website, you might have noticed that it has been a while since I have personally reached out to you with a blog post. Since the beginning of the new year, I have only published a few Camera bags, that you have so generously shared with us and some Throwback Tuesday posts. The last few months have been very busy for me. I have had my hands full at work and at the same time my personal life became more demanding. As a result, I had to sacrifice time from Fortunately things are now back to normal, and I am once again ready to pour my energy and my passion into Street Photography.

The purpose of today’s post

The purpose of today’s post is to make an important announcement and to share with you what to expect from the website and its Social Media channels in 2019.