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Oybek Boltayev is a Street Photographer that lives in London, UK. You can see his photography if you visit his Google+ profile where he shares most of his work.

What Is Street Photography... Oybek’s Opinion

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Without any ado, I will commit a crime of telling you the answer now. Simply, I don’t know. Before you start to think “what a boring post” this is, let me tell you that I don’t know because my definition of street photography is different to yours and yours is to a person next to you.

Before we go on, I have to say that I will try my best to accommodate creative geeks who have thought of street photography but never had a chance or will to give it a shot. This post will be casual so relax and hope you will enjoy it.

My definition of Street Photography

Now, if you want to know what my definition of street photography is and what I love about it then stay on and we will look into it further.

Let’s start then by giving you a brief background of me. I was born in 1989 in Uzbekistan. This was an environment of uncertainty and fear of the future as Uzbekistan was declared independent of USSR. I am not sure about others but I owe this brief crisis of my unimportant life at the time a great deal. What do I mean by that? I am sure in West and East people have an image of Soviet Union as gray standard 4 storey flat blocks with windowless concrete government buildings. Communists with no religion and tradition that know only to worship their seniors, work like a zombie with obedience. Well, yes… Buildings were like that as I grew up myself in a gray 4 storey flat but I don’t know how people lived in USSR. My parents told me that whatever ideology was creeping in your head, it had to stay there. Your tongue and limbs had to do what you were told. You make your own mind up on this.