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Jacint is an IT Architect with a passion for street photography. He spends most of his time travelling in Eastern Europe and photography is a great excuse to take a break and go for a walk. He started practicing street photography to create a visual diary of his travelling lifestyle.

Keeping Track Street Photo Contests cover

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As I’m practicing street photography I find contests and different assignments very useful. Not only they help to find new topics within the street photography genre but also sometimes push me out of my comfort zone.

At this point I’m a member of more than 5 groups which have different weekly, bi-weekly or monthly contests, including When I first joined these contest groups I tried to use different text files to keep track of the topics and also the deadlines, so I wouldn’t miss anything. However the text file based method was hard to maintain and also not really mobile friendly, which meant I couldn’t check the list when I was actually away from the computer. As I’m a control freak and “Getting Things Done” enthusiast in my 9-5 job, I figured a specific todo/task list would be perfect for this job!