Featured Street Photo by Soumyendra Saha

Featured Street Photo by Soumyendra Saha

Featured street photo by Soumyendra Saha

Featured Street Photo by Soumyendra Saha

Soumyendra Saha is a prolific Street Photographer hailing from the streets of Kolkata, India. I recognise some of his photos, as I have stumbled upon them many times in various Social Media groups. As a photographer, Soumyendra Saha seems to have a keen eye for seeing order through chaos. This is a necessary skill if you are photographing often in the densely crowded roads of Kolkata. 

He has been shooting since 2014. While he is in love with contemporary street photography, he still respects and adheres to the older classic masters, his favourite being Henri Cartier-Bresson. According to his bio page on his website, his main objective is to time and frame interesting moments with a layer of abstract geometry. Also, he infuses his shots with humour, intrigue, and suspense thus portraying an otherwise “dying” city in a different light.

You can see more of Soumyendra Saha’s photography on his Flickr account at https://flickr.com/photos/soumyendra/, on his Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/soumyendras/ and his website at https://www.soumyendrasaha.com/.


Featured street photo "Untitled" by Soumyendra Saha
Featured street photo “Untitled” by Soumyendra Saha

An image is like a thousand words, they say. This photo can get me talking for a while! An incredible scene spotted nicely by Saha where a white rooster finds himself in an opening surrounded by white plastic jerry cans with red lids. It instantly makes a juxtaposed scene in which the colours trigger something in my brain and the obvious connections are made. Red and white. However, this photo does something else for me. The layout of the jerry cans and the colours of the photograph makes me think I am looking at little red explosions going off all around the screen. An amazing find and a great example that Street Photography doesn’t always have to have people in it. Compositions such as these bring a smile to my face and a feeling of excitement I find myself harder to experience after reviewing thousands and thousands of street photos. An excellent shot by Soumyendra Saha. Thank you for sharing in our Flickr group!

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