BSPF 2020 cancelled

BSPF 2020 cancelled

Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist
Cover picture by Hendrik Braet as taken from the BSPF official newsletter


A few days ago we published a post about “10+5 things a Street Photographer can do when in forced lockdown quarantine because of the COVID-19 virus“. When we were writing this post, we already knew that our lives were changing. Today, only a few days later, the global scale of the virus has dramatically altered for the worst and we are noticing more and more changes because of this.

The BSPF 2020 is cancelled

Besides hitting our Street Photography experience and lifestyle on a personal level, the virus is now claiming other “victims” such as the BSPF 2020. The Brussels Street Photography Festival is one of the worlds most prestigious and well-known street photography events that takes place every year in Belgium around October. It is an event that we always look forward to and that will not be occurring this year. In the newsletter the festival’s organisers sent out earlier today, they mention that:

Due to the uncertainty of the situation, we believe that it is in the best interest of our community and the city to cancel this year’s edition of the Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF).

This is a very responsible thing to do in our opinion. Well done to the founders that have made the announcement so soon. It is better to miss one year of the event than to risk any further contamination. 

Their newsletter ended with the following message from the founders:

Tomorrow – when we will overcome this situation – the streets will still be there for all of us to enjoy. Today, please stay safe.


Surely the BSPF 2020 event will be missed this year, but all of us should remain healthy so we can continue to enjoy the event in the years to come.

Stay Home & Stay Safe!


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